Doc Poore's Lessons Remembered
The 3 Doctors Poore, Samuel, Matthew, and Henry Wayne
From the story "Jug-Head"
From the story, "On the Gulkana" From the story, "With the Masai" From the story, "Tonto Basin" Doc Poore and his 5 daughters, Meg, Jo, Amy, Sara, and Beth
From the story, "My Model-A Ford"

Doc Poore's third book is now being edited and will be published posthumously soon!
Still available, Lessons Remembered and Traveling the Highway with an Educated Goat.
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Dr. Henry Wayne Poore, first a physician, but also a cattleman, author, master story teller, musician, and founder of the Poore Free Medical Clinic, departed this life on November 11, 2015 at his home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Nina Poore, his beloved wife and partner in all of his undertakings for 60 years, and his sons and daughters were by his side. 

Doc Poore's dream has been to provide medical services for poor people in Flagstaff, Arizona, the town where he and Nina Poore, a Registered Nurse Midwife, raised their seven children and operated their medical practice. In October of 2011, Poore Free Medical Clinic opened its doors. Anyone who has no insurance and no way to pay for medical services is welcomed. Since that beginning, the clinic has grown and thrived. A second location in Flagstaff opened in 2014 and it too is thriving.

Doc Poore and Nina Poore in front of their free clinic.

Seeing patients and checking X-Rays

Traveling Down the Highway with an
Educated Goat, Memoirs of an Audacious
Country Doctor, Volume II has arrived!

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In his book, Lessons Remembered: memoirs of an Audacious Country Doctor, Dr. Henry Wayne Poore recalls events from his childhood in Tennessee, from his years as a physician in Virginia, North Carolina, and Arizona, from his travels to Alaska, Mexico, Europe and Africa, and from his years as a cattleman in Arizona, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Dr. Poore’s stories have attracted listeners for years, possibly from the time he learned to talk. He is a master story teller. You will laugh and you will cry, and you will be entertained immensely.

Traveling Down the Highway
with an Educated Goat
by Dr. Henry Wayne Poore continues with more
masterfully written and entertaining stories such
as you enjoyed in his highly popular
Lessons Remembered: Memoirs of an
Audacious Country Doctor.

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By Henry Wayne Poore, M.D.

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Lessons Remembered is in its
second printing and we now have
books available.

*One Book: $17.50
*Two Books: $33.00
Price For Multiple Books: Call or Email For Pricing

*Price Includes shipping and handling.

Dr Henry Poore tells a story on Dr John Caskey
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Art by
Book Designer Robert Jacobson of Moscow, Idaho.

from the story "Handsome"

from the story "Are You a Believer?"

from the story "Poppa & Susie"

from the story
"A Tasty Lesson"

from the story
"Bugs & Bulls"


Doc Poore at one of his favorite places, Bismark Lake, San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ

Doc Poore's Photo Gallery

In spite of his work at the Poore Free Clinic, Doc Poore finds time to camp in the National Forest, hunt elk, fish, and most important work on his 3rd book!

Members of the Pender County, N.C. Livestock Club laugh and laugh at Doc Poore’s tale.

Burgaw, N.C. folks like Doc Poore!

Just can’t get much more fun
than this!

Doc Poore spins a tale at the Woodmen
of the World meeting in Granville County, N.C.

Woodmen of the World members enjoy Doc Poore’s stories

No matter the age,
listeners love Doc's tales.

Entertaining an appreciative crowd at the Granville County, N.C. Museum.

Doc Poore and Nina Poore found
an old friend at Virgilina Days in Virgilina, Virginia.

At the Oxford United Methodist Church Men's Club, Doc Poore and Nina Poore with Dr. John Hardy.

Doc Poore always brings pictures
and memorabilia to book signings
and programs.

Doc Poore spins a yard about Ruger, the well-traveled goat.

Always there are laughs a plenty at Doc Poore booksignings.

Doc Poore's cowboy songs are a big hit with young and old.

Doc Poore, grandson Zeke Hartmann, and the Back Porch Boys pick and sing at the 2008 Granville County NC Beef Earth Roast.

Doc Poore, Nina Poore, and Matt Poore are honored for the donation of a bred heifer to the N. C. Cattlemen's Foundation.

Doc Poore entertains at the Lawrence Lane House in Gates County.

Never can Doc Poore resist looking at good cattle. These are at Lane Farms near Gates, NC

The Docs Poore pick and sing at the famous Merlefest Festival in North Wilkesboro, NC

Doc Poore spins a tale at the Duplin County Cattlemen's Association Christmas dinner.

Laughter and fun while Dr. Poore entertained at the Duplin County Cattlemen's Association Christmas celebration.

Doc Poore's "Ruger" story always
brings great laughs...the Duplin cattlemen are no exception!

The Poores are honored for their donation of a first calf heifer and her heifer calf to the North Carolina Cattlemen's Foundation.

The Doctors Poore perform on radio station WCOM FM in Carrboro, N.C.

Doc Poore pickin' and singin'
in the WCOM studio.

Doc Poore and son, Dr. Matt Poore, performing at the Open Eye Cafe, Carrboro, N.C.

Dr. Matthew Poore, professor of Animal Science at N.C. State University, singing at the Open Eye Cafe.

Looking at bulls with Joe Hampton, member of the Board of Directors of the American Angus Association

Dr. Poore pickin' and singin' with grandson Zeke Hartmann and son Dr. Matt Poore at the Granville County (NC) Cattlemen's Association Beef
Earth Roast.
Dr. Poore and Shirley Norris,
long-time Angus breeder at the N. C. Cattlemen's Conference.

Telling tales and singing at Ladies Night with the Oxford United
Methodist Church Men's Club.

Photo op for fans at
Virgilina Days in Virginia.

Dr. Poore, pickin' and singin'
at the Tar-Rific Book Club

Dr. Poore, signing books at
Enon Springs Farm

Dr. Poore, visiting with
Tar-Rific Book Club members

Dr. Poore and friends at the N. C. Cattlemen's Conference

Dr. Poore and high school classmates
at book signing in Bristol, VA

Comments by readers of Lessons Remembered:

“I started reading and sat up until 3 o’clock until I finished it!”
“It’s the best book I’ve ever read!”
“I’m starting on my third reading.”
“Please send me another book. My nephew is 16 and he needs to read this book!”
“I haven’t read a book in 15 years and I couldn’t put this one down.”
"I am an avid reader and recognize a treasure when I see one and this book is just that."

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